Once you become a nursing assistant, you will typically work under the supervision of a nurse. One of your most important responsibilities is to keep the nurseBecome a Nursing Assistant informed of critical information regarding a patients condition. Most nursing classes taken to become a nursing assistant can be found at a community colleges or medical college. Nursing Assistant classes are usually given by a Registered Nurse. The length of time to become a nursing assistant varies for each program. Classes may run any where from two weeks to about six months, with a month or more of hands-on training. A good nursing class offers the basics of what to expect with the job. Your knowledge and experience will vastly improve once you becomes involved in the daily care giving. As a nurses aide, you will typically work directly with doctors, nurses, and other medical experts in administering therapeutic programs and monitoring the conditions of your patients. You will provide direct patient care based on your knowledge and skills. If you are interested in a rewarding career and are passionate and enjoy helping people in need, then to becoming a nursing assistant is for you.

Become a Nursing Assistant With Training

Classroom training to become a nursing assistant in a local nursing assistant school usually includes fundamental nursing skills, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and infection control. Students also achieve ample hands-on-experience through clinical activities. In most cases you will learn how to set up patient treatments, CPR, bedside patient care, emergency care and first aid, pre and post-op care and effective patient care programs.

Nursing Assistant – Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you are considering becoming a nursing assistant, jobs should increase by about 19 percent by the year 2018. Home health aides and nursing assistants are projected to have the quickest job growth, as many people desire in-home treatment as a preferable alternative to hospital or nursing home care. Also as an added bonus, nursing assistant in hospitals and nursing homes are still expected to grow faster than the average for all careers.


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